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Technology Services

System implementations
Hardware/software installations
Technical support & maintenance
Training & consulting

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Installation, support and service for multivendor hardware & software systems, desktop and mobile computers, and on-premise or cloud server environments

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BizCare Partnered IT

Proactive Remote Maintenance & Monitoring
RemoteCare – device management
SecureCare – cyber protection
NetworkCare – comms monitoring

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Partnered IT

IT Assessment

BizCare discovers, tracks and records every system and its software in your business enabling informed and quick support responses

Version Management

BizCare automatically keeps workstations, servers and remote computers up-to-date with the latest versions, software patches and security updates

Remote Access

BizCare offers secure remote access to manage your devices from anywhere enabling us to fix problems without being on site

Remote Monitoring

BizCare proactively monitors workstation and server performance and logs to identify potential issues and resolve them before they affect your business

Network Performance

BizCare monitors network devices, performance and activity to identify changes, bottlenecks and peak periods to optimize performance

Business Security

BizCare monitors and maintains user access, anti-virus, malware and security software – ensuring updated profiles and alert monitoring for your cyber safety

Partnered IT
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The best part [about BCPros] is knowing that if there are any problems I can get great customer service with a quick call. The staff is great also,very accomodating, and they return calls promptly. Bryan is also great to have as a consultant and has answered many of my technical questions. I would recommend Bryan to anyone.
Bradford RoyQuality Painting & Restoration


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