About BCPros

BCPros provides sales, service and integration of hardware, software and peripherals (such as printers, routers, and external hard drives). Since 1999, we have helped customers in business, home and academic environments whose operations demand uncompromising data protection, bullet-proof data security, nonstop Internet connectivity, collaborative computing, and remote access.

In short, we help you stay productive.

We deliver first-rate computing tools and provide exceptional service and support at a fair price. Our proactive approach to maintaining your systems relies on battle-tested, behind-the-scenes monitoring of your computing environment. This service pinpoints potential issues, uncovers the cause of the problem, then takes split-second action to fix the problem before it causes a system breakdown and slows or halts your business processes.

To optimize customer service and enhance your experience with us, our automated BizCare service portal enables you to submit service requests and obtain up-to-date information on the status of the request. BizCare provides you documentation of the activities related to the project and an additional online channel for communicating instantly with us.

The BCPros Team

Every customer engagement leverages the skills and experience of our multi-talented team of IT specialists. From computers and software, to networks and protocols, each team member brings specialized and general knowledge to the task at hand. We are dedicated to establishing consistent communication and building lasting customer relationships. Our team listens closely to our customers and guides them throughout the process of new installations and upgrades, streamlining the transition and making change easier to embrace.

From beginning to end, we work closely with you. We’re sticklers for doing the job right the first time, digging until we find answers, completing the engagement on time, on budget.

We are accustomed to working in dynamic, fast-paced customer environments consisting of  many different systems and products from various vendors. And we’ll work directly with those vendors on your behalf. We are easily accessible the minute you need us, 24/7 for any emergency.

Who We Serve

BCPros serves customers across Massachusetts and New England, in New York and beyond.

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 What our clients say…

Our request to BC Providers was asked to bench test several pieces of electronic equipment, not just computers for one of our clients. In addition, BC Providers picked up and returned the equipment as part of its service. That was a great PLUS!
Howard ShorePublic AdjusterShore Adjusting Services, Inc.